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LightningRod™ Continuous Sucker Rod

Lightning Production Services provides LightningRod, a fully engineered continuous sucker rod string that has only two connections – top and bottom. LightningRod helps operators dramatically reduce their failure rate by distributing side loading along the entire length of the rod string, instead of concentrating loads on the couplings. Care and Handling failures are also minimized by eliminting the need to make a connection every 25 or 30 feet. The technology also eliminates the need for costly rod guides which introduce increased friction into your rod pumping system.

LightningRod continuous rod is manufactured from high performance steel alloys that have tighter cleanliness specifications than competitive rods on the market. LPS ensures that imperfections in the steel are minimized to the largest possible extent, reducing the areas where corrosion can attack and increasign the durability of the rod.

LightningRod Specifications
Product Type Grade Tensile Strength, ksi Yield Strength, ksi Hardness, Rockwell C
D15C 1536 120 Min 95 Min 22 Min
D41M 4119 120 Min 95 Min 22 Min
H41M 4119 140 Min 115 Min 28 Min
D43N 4318 120 Min 100 Min 22 Min
H43N 4318 140 Min 120 Min 28 Min
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LightningFlo™ Thermoplastic Liners

LightningFlo™ thermoplastic tubular lining is mechanically inserted and bonded to the ID of the tubing joint allowing the liner to be installed inside of both new and used tubing. The lining provides protection from frictional wear and corrosive effects of the caustic downhole environment.

LightningFlo Specifications
Product Name Material Max Temp. Max H2S Max CO2
LightningFlo LF60 HDPE 140° F 2% 10%
LightningFlo LF99 PERT 210° F 2% 10%
LightningFlo LF115 POK 240° F 5% 20%
LightningFlo LF160 PPS 340° F 5% 20%
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LightningFlo Tubing